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Benefit Show Announced!

(from Hal's Cover Up column for the EC Rocker)

There is a very special event happening on Sunday, May 16th, at Bar A in Belmar. Many of the top musicians in the state are banding together to help raise money for the Hyland Stark Memorial fund, in honor of the late son of drummer Lance Hyland Stark, who has played with many well known club bands over the years. Lance has earned a well deserved reputation of always having a smile on his face, and news of the unfortunate accident has brought out the best in many of his fellow musicians and fans.

The benefit will feature DogVoices, the Bobby Bandiera Band, and Big Orange Cone. Many other special guests from the top groups on the circuit will be making appearances in an all-star jam, including members of The Nerds, Yasgur's Farm, Superfreak, The Outcry, Cheap & Nasty, and Talk Town, among others. "We're always being asked to play at benefits, and we do it a lot, for people we don't even know," says Monte, the ringleader of the circus known as DogVoices. "This time we're doing it for one of our own, so this is something everybody wants to do."

There will be a free barbecue for all who attend, and some great raffle prizes provided with assistance from Rock Dream Records, the Garden State Music Center, and Budweiser and Biccardi. The prizes will include a portable CD player, and a special item that will be of interest to all New Jersey rock and roll fans... an autographed guitar, signed by one of New Jersey's biggest rock stars, who is currently on tour in Europe. Lance has been a softball teammate of his in the past, and jammed with him on many occasions.

Tom Jannarone, the manager at the Belmar club, has been instrumental in putting together the show, along with Monte. The doors will open at 3:00 PM, and the party will last as long as the musicians can keep going.

For those of you not familiar with Lance, if you go to clubs, chances are you've seen him at one time or another over the years. A member of Courtney, he went on to make many appearances with popular groups such as Sticky Fingers, Adrian Dodz, the T-Birds, Talk Town, Bobby Bandiera, Fury, Tenfold, Monte's Monday Night Maniacs (who will be appearing once again this summer every Monday at Joe Pop's), Monte's Tuesday Night Terrors, (who appear every Tuesday at the B-Zar Bar in Lodi), and filling in for groups such as Time Capsule and On Line. He was recently featured in the March issue of Modern Drummer magazine in the "Up and Coming" section. He comes from a musical family, as his mother, Junie Dee, had a top five record in the 1950s. In fact, she also managed Joey Dee & the Starlighters, and often had the Brigati brothers (of Rascal's fame) baby-sit for Lance when she was on the road. Junie still performs to this day, playing her accordion, and singing in seven different languages. She is known for her rousing rendition of the "Dirty Hokey Pokey".

For more information about the benefit show, contact Bar A at (732) 681-7422. Besides being a good cause, you may witness the biggest collection of circuit musicians assembled in one place in years. It may turn out to be the jam of year as far as New Jersey club scene goes, so you won't want to miss it! Hope to see you there!