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Benefit Show Reviewed!

(from Hal's Cover Up column for the EC Rocker)

Bar Anticipation in Belmar recently hosted a pre-summer bash, with some of the top bands and musicians on the circuit turning out for the event. Starting at three o'clock in the afternoon, the music continued well into the night, which ended, in typical DogVoices fashion, with Monte diving off the roof of the club into the arms of several cohorts. A touch football game ensued in the parking lot, with Walter from Big Orange Cone showing his athletic mettle by throwing two touchdown passes.

The afternoon started with Yasgur's Farm wowing the gathering crowd with their stellar musicianship, and the extraordinary vocals of new singer Katy. The group did an intense medley which included the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and included Pink Floyd, Santana, and Queen classics in the set.

Katy inadvertently added to the entertainment when her top flew open during her energetic performance. "She'll do anything for a good cause," laughed Denise, one of the bands legion of fans, relating the fact that all the proceeds from the days events were being donated to the Hyland Stark Memorial Fund. Katy put on such a great performance, both visually and vocally, that a movie producer working on an Asbury Park based movie about the '60s has expressed interest in Katy playing the part of Janis Joplin in the film.

DogVoices took the stage next, with the usual craziness supplied by Monte. He took the opportunity to show off how good a voice he really possesses, something often overlooked because of his maniacal stage antics. "That's because I really didn't have a chance to drink much yet," he laughs. A highlight was Katy joining the group for the Janis Joplin classic "Piece Of My Heart". As Katy stood there holding her top on, Monte gave her the shirt off his back, so she could move around the stage again.

The Bobby Bandiera Band, joined by two horn players from Southside Johnny & The Jukes, played a blues tinged set, ending with an appearance by Lance Stark, singing Steve Miller's "The Joker". Cheap & Nasty then brought the crowd back to the '80s, with songs from Twisted Sister, Poison and Motley Crue. Lead singer Ian worked the crowd as well as any '80s headbanger, exhorting them to sing along.

Next up, Jim from Up All Nite led a group made up of members of many different bands. Big Orange Cone, fresh from an afternoon appearance at Jenkinson's, really got the crowd jumping, putting on a great high energy show.

The night finished with more jamming, featuring members of all the bands that performed, as well as Bridget, formerly of Good Girl's Don't, and presently with The Zoo.

The featured raffle prize, a guitar autographed by Bruce Springsteen, was won by Tracy, one of the guest vocalists, who proceeded to give it to Lance, the father of Hyland Stark.

"We did a good thing," remarked Bar A manager Tom Jannarone, a major contributor to organizing the benefit show. "Like Monte said, we may not have done enough to get to heaven, but we earned the right to wear a helmet on the way down to wherever we're going!"