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Here's a review of Thrills that appeared in PowerPlay Magazine (out of the UK)

Review by Gez da Loud1

I just can't believe my ears. At Last a rock album that has all the pieces in place, with an excellent production that hones each track to killer perfection. The opener, "All She Had On Was The Radio" is prime time Danger Danger , with a chorus that Autograph would love to have written - the kind of track that you can't stop singing for days. "Thunder & Lightning" follows with it's "Tooth & Nail" Dokkenesque vibe and a corking Van Halen guitar solo. "One Winged Angel" is a Firehouse style ballad that slowly rises to classic proportions. "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" slowly pumps out with another cracking chorus line and cool riff. "Ship Wrecked" will be a cracker live and allows the guitar to shine with some really great riffing and solo work. "Run Through The Night" borrows it's riff from "I'll Wait" and in fact is subtitled "I'll Wait Part 2". It's a cool idea and has another